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Last year for Chrismukkah, we decided that Liz' main gift would be a Ball watch, the Lady Trainmaster 60 Seconds.

At 28.8mm, this is the smallest watch in the Ball Line. Like the Lady Fireman, it uses the 2671 movement, essentially a downsized 2824.

The see through back displays a nicely decorated movement, with the timekeeping to match.

Like my Moonphase and NightTrain before, it is once again meticulously finished with dead-on indices and again, nary a flaw under the 10x loupe.

The watch features 15 tritium T 25 tubes and I have caught Liz staring at them under the cover, just like us. Which is the biggest endorsement, I don't ever remember her sleeping in a watch, but she has had it on faithfully since mid December.

The strap is of higher quality than the men's straps (imo), and I always liked the barrel buckle.

If you are looking for a Ball for Mrs./GF, and she likes petite watches, I don't think you will find too many better choices then the Trainmaster 60 Seconds Lady model.

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