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I picked up this amazing watch up the other day - and finding reference material is quite rare for Keystone/New York Standard movements. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if this watch could be the first ever produced for military issue? If you have any information on the movement or in general could you please provide? Much appreciated!
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What I do know is that the movement is similar to No 146, however; both the hunting and open face are the same S6 movements shown below (Image is Keystone Watch Case Co Material Catalog 1919 [New York Standard]).
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S6 No 146 movements are 7 jewels. The Keystone S6 movement in the watch is a 15 jewels open face.
The Movement is gilt and stamped with The Keystone Watch Co brand mark.
The dial clearly shows where illumination paste was applied at each hour indicator and two at 12 o'clock.

The Philadelphia Silverode case is an early production S6 case with 10mm wire lugs, it also has USA stamped inside the back case, I have never seen any of these cases with USA stamped inside. The back case also has a broad
arrow and quartermaster equipment ledger identification number. I have seen another picture of an American trench watch with same style of letter and (5) digits but did not have the broad arrow. I would say that this watch was part of a military shipment to a British Commonwealth country.

I am really trying to date the year of manufacturing and the identification of the caliber of the movement.
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