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I receved this as a gift not long ago but honestly it just doesn't sing to me "know what I mean"? There is not one thing wrong with this Accutron (Stratford) model 63C101 Valjoux 7751. Im not a fan of the Tonneau case. They were not exactly inexpensive either at least when you could buy one.Retail was $1950.00 and you saw them selling down in the $1400-$1300 range. There are very few of them left around. Would someone care to give me an idea what a good asking price for a "like new" piece such as this? I don't want to overprice but then I don't want to give it away either. Just trying to be fair thats all. Here are a couple of shots of it. That Stiab mesh bracelet was around $140.00 if memory serves.

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