Just grabbed a Technica Automatic.

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I was surfing the online shopping site, and saw this just dropped to 150.00, and had to do it. Watch the video, and check out the rotor. Forgive the small pic, it was the only one I could save. Any opinions?

Hope I didn't overstep any of the boards boundaries, by posting this.


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Nice... really like Roman numerals on a dress watch.
Post some real pics when you get it.
The watch arrived, today. Going back, tomorrow. Before it was even out of the box, I noticed the date bubble was very crooked. Other than that, it's a gorgeous watch. I'm re-ordering with a silver dial. The hands are impossible to see, over the black dial, unless you're in direct light.
Sorry to hear you got a bad one. Disappointing.
Hope it works out with the replacement.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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