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Hopefully I will post pictures by Wednesday, when I'm back home. I have read, and read all types of things regarding this watch, some saying it's a beautiful piece that they want, others that it's just nice but that for U$ 900- U$ 1,000, you would be better off buying another piece....

Well.... I have been living with this black thing of beauty for the past 3 days and believe mw, I couldn't have been happier (it's actually not as big as I expected).

I used to own (or still own) a Chopard Mille Miglia, 2004 GMT Limited edition Chronograph/Chronometer (just sold it), one Rolex Day/Date (inherited it), a MIDO Multifort, a Poljot w/Cricket alarm and (still have) a Jaeger Reverso a duo, yet I do not remeber being happier with any watch as I have been with this one. It is a fafce turner, it starts conversations and stands out for itself....people just love the floating movement and the overall look of it, it's just different to anything else I've seen, and I've seen things, from a Freak to pretty interesting Azymuth and Urwerk pieces.

Only two of these arrived here to Colombia's Invicta dealer, one damaged and mine.... Had to wait 3 years for it to come.

Here's an external picture of the watch, although mine has a blued movement and no hour indicators, it's just transparent (actually looks better):

At the end of things, I couldn't be happier, and would love to hear some feedback from you guys.... :thumbup:
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