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Hey guys, here is a MASTERPIECE THREAD made by Jocke an doriginated posted by GJ in the old site.

Part I

Now I feel it´s time to give my Speedmaster some care.

There is a few dings and marks.

So what are I waiting for?

I start to open it up.

A nice dustcover protect the movement.

I have to pull it out.

The dial and hands are in great condition but need some clean.

The pushers must leave the case too.

Then I start with a razor at the bezel.

And after that the pocketknife.

There we go.

And the crystal will be replaced.

So I start with clean the case.

Tomorrow I will give it some polish and brushing.

Part II

Ok, time for a little grinding work here are the things at the table.

It´s a hard work.

Grind, grind & grind.

And it will looks like this.

After I have grind I have to polish too.

Here is my homemade polishing machine.

In action, works like a charm.

Here is how it looks and I have leave a few dings and marks
because I don´t want to get too hard on this.

Next step is to visit my watchmaker and he will clean the dial
and hands. Put it together again for me. I will shot some pics
when the watchmaker work with it and post the final work so
soon it´s ready. If we are lucky so will it be in next week.

Part III

So we start at the watchmaker.

He just make sure everything is ok.

He knows I´m behind him so he have to put things together
in a correct way.

Now the movement is in place.

Then the bezel will be in place too.

There we go.

A new crystal and gasket will do it.

I hope will not hear some kind of sound now.

And the backcase.

Is´n it great to strip off a virgin? ;) ;) ;)

I have to check so the bezel will line up.

The final work.

Nice view.

Just a few wallpapers.

Thank you all for the kind words and the positive comments.
I appreciate you enjoy the tour.


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