JLC Master RDM (SS) or Rolex DJ (TT rose)

JLC Master RDM vs Rolex TT RG DJ?

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Hi People,

This questions fairly simple but the answers may not be! :confused1:

I have been offered 2 very different watches for very good prices.
both BNIB and both from local AD's.

1/ JLC Master RDM - SS on black croc with silver face. Latest 938 movement with display case back. rrp 拢3,800 +/- To me 拢2,850.

2/ Rolex Datejust - Plain polished bezel, new style with rolexrolexrolex...engraving around chapter ring, new improved bracelet/clasp and nicer improved case. 2 Tone with Rose gold on bracelet and bezel as well as white dial with Rose gold baton markers and hands.. rrp just under 拢4000. To me 拢3000.

Question is simple, which one would you go for and why?

include re-sale, wearability, versatility, durability, maintenance (servicing costs and strap replacement vs bracelet longevity)
Build quality, movement i.e sophistication vs proven reliability etc..

In fact please feel free to justify your choice however you see fit.

I know it boils down to personal choice but it doesn't hurt to hear alternative viewpoints and differing perspectives.

Either choice gives me enough left over to get a good diver (i.e Omega PO / SMP / Brielting steel fish etc)

I have tried on both and if I could buy both I would but I can't!

I MUST choose!

To help with your advice I offer a brief insight into my life!
My life style is not one of flashy suits and board rooms although I am in sales and do have sales meetings and meetings with clients. The majority of my working days are filled with surveying either in peoples homes or public buildings so trousers, shirt (not usually a tie), a fleece if it's cold and decent but not flashy shoes are my dress code.
I have nice suits but they are only worn at meetings or special social occasions.
I also perform with a full size "Big Band" as the principal Male singer so sometimes I wear a Tux, although not that often.

Would the 2 Tone DJ be OTT for jeans & T shirt or is it surprisingly well suited to casual as well as formal?

Is the JLC a little too delicate? Would it need pampering too much?
Would it work as a dress watch AND casual?

It doesn't matter which one I go for, I will still like and desire the other! However I want to make the right choice for ME and be able to live with that!

I appreciate there will be brand bias in some answers but in a way that's what I'm banking on to get a balanced overview.

I've tried both on more than once and I like them both as much each time I do! I doubt this will change so I need a "nudge" to break this stalemate.

This IS a reality and I WILL be buying one or the other...but which?

Maybe we should have a vote? Please give reasons though if you don't mind.
Oh, and of course photos are ALWAYS welcome :thumbup:
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I'm a Rolex guy, so would have to say the DJ.....

The JLC, to me at least, doesn't have the flexibility that it sounds like you need. That DJ looks just as right in a tux as it does with jeans and a t-shirt. You're getting a good discount on the DJ, where as Zeetan is offering the JLC at 拢500 less than the price you are being offered.

And also, importantly for me, I like to change watches regularly, and I know I'd have no worries about shifting a DJ that I bought with 25% off, whereas even with 25% off a JLC, I reckon I'd still be taking a bit of a bath if I sold it.

As for pics, have a look on TZ at posts by either DerekW or I think NicoH, they both have TT DJ's with white dials.

In your shoes, I would go for the best I could get with my pot of gold.

Adam's pointer of Zeetan's offer sounds good but factor in shipping at say 拢50 and add the VAT and duty and you'll end up paying 拢2820 by my calculations. For 拢30 its not much of a saving if you have the convenience of a local AD.

I think you have been hankering after a dress-style watch on a strap for some time now having observed your several month-long wish for a De Ville Power Reserve. A while back I was all too game on following the strap route too until I found that straps were not a practical proposition for me. At least not now anyway but these things you gotta try out even if you come to change your mind about them later. The Datejust is probably the more practical watch of the two as AdamB suggested, it is probably the more recognisable but you may prefer the complication of that the JLC offers. The JLC is the more unique-looking proposition imho. In terms of resale values, the DJ probably is the better bet.

In your shoes if your heart now calls out for the JLC then the combination I would have are the JLC and a SMP 300M Diver. You can find a 2254.50. A year-young example in excellent condition was sold this week for 拢730 on the UK branch of you-know-where. That's about the sort of asking price you'll find on a US-based sales corner. It pays to keep a lookout.

In the end it really doesn't matter what anyone else says. It's what calls out to you.

Be well now and enjoy your Christmas

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Thanks guys,

I've also been offered a PO for 拢1,300 BNIB from the same dealer! (see Hookey, i'll end up with an Omega yet:thumbup:)
So that's 25% off both the DJ & the Omega.
That could be only if I bought the pair but then again I don't think so.

Doubt I'll ever see both together but I can try!
What about the JLC and the PO? Will he do the same deal?

You'll get a couple of heirloom pieces there :thumbup::thumbup:

Be well now

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If I were you I would go with the JLC, hands down, the jlc movement is on a different planet than the rolex, don鈥檛 get me wrong I like rolex, but the RDM is one nice watch, especially on the black strap, as far as durability goes the RDM is not too delicate at all, the only problem is that it is on a strap which you know must be 鈥渇requently鈥 changed, I find that my straps last about a year but

Both are cool watches but if I were you I would get the JLC, just a really good watch, but whatever you get im sure will be nice, cant go wrong with either

Good luck on your purchase
I picked Rolex, as I do not have much insight to JLC, and do not know much about the company.
JLC is up their with the best watchmakers in the industry, Rolex is a great brand, and has some of the most recognizable watches in the industry, but when it comes to watch complications, and classic styling JLC is far above Rolex, all of their movements are made inhouse and they develop the most complicated watches in the industry, from perpetual calenders, to the Gyroscope turbuillions. JLC has made the smallest automatic in the world which was adorned by the Queen of England, and to this day it still makes the world smallest automatic watch. JLC also was also the first watch company to make a mechanical alarm, and they still have several mechical alarms in their inventory. Many top watch brands such as AP, and VC have used JLC ebauches in the past, and JLC is widely recognized as being on the upper tier of watch companies but at a lower price point
the king wears the crown, crown = rolex...
JLC Mac...I know,you know,deep inside.... you want the JLC :)
The Datejust is, well, just another Datejust. I see them on billboards and magazine adds everyday. In my case, too much advertising jades the watch.
The JLC & Rolex are different dealers!

The JLC dealer doesn't sell Rolex and the Rolex dealer doesn't sell JLC!

However they BOTH sell Omega and Brietling.

I can afford either the JLC or the Rolex 2tone AND have a BNIB Omega PO / SMP etc or even a Brietling, although ther only Brietlings I like are either too big or too expensive (Super Ocean Steel Fish 44mm = too big) or (Blackbird @ 拢3,700+ = too expensive!)

I could always buy the JLC / Rolex and save the rest of my cash until I know whats happening with the new Co Axial 2254.50 / Black "Bond" watch?
That REALLY appeals to me but I don't want to wait for months just to find out it's all a load of bull!
I'd go with the JLC simply because it's more unique than the Rolex. I'd bet that fewer people have the JLC versus the Rolex. Just my 2 cents.
Rolex DJ for me as the resale would be a key factor.

Good luck which ever one you choose :thumbup1:
To me, having something of exquisite quality that is not a household name is preferable.

That's a personal perspective and not a judgement of either watch.

If someone asks about it and you don't like their looks, you can tell them you you paid ten dollars for it at Wal-Mart's discount aisle.
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