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Hi All,

I bought a Jaeger-LeCoultre-Memovox-Tribute last year from JLC in Bond street london. I purchased the US version which i believe looks a little more "art deco-ey" than the European version that was issued.

There are also a lot less of the US versions issued. I have a slight issue with the watch currently, I think it appears to be an incredible amount of money for what it is...The strap is starting to fall apart and the dial is almost of a perspex substance and scratches a little easy.....Could anyone pls advice me if 10kgbp for this watch is a bit of a rickett on my part..??? I don't know if something like this would have been better .

An ideal situation with any watch is , buy it, wear it for years- then it is worth the same or more. With the memovox I'm not really sure it is going to be worth much in the future.....

Pls let me know your thoughts


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