Is there a difference

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Is there a difference between the ETA 2894 and the Valjoux 7750? Which one is better and why?
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Thanks boscoe it helped alot. The reason I asked is I recently bought a reserve speedway. I bought it from snbc. I know I know I know. Anyways they were talking about the movement and said it was the Valjoux7750. Knowing that is considered a great movement I jumped at it. It was only after the fact that I looked at the description that I read that it had the ETA2894. So maybe you can tell me this? Which movement does the Reserve Auto Speedway have?
Thanks again Boscoe I think I made a good purchase. Oh by the way, as I mentioned I bought it from snbc, do any of our sponsors sell any of the Reserve line because I have never seen them sell any.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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