Is the Khaki Navy GMT a swiss made watch? and some considerations about it...

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I know I have asked for info of this model not long ago, but here I go again: I want to buy one and I'm in the process of researching everything about this model, by the way, I haven't found much info about it, just a couple of reviews given to me by you guys. I have noticed that even though the Khaki Navy has the "swiss made" words on the dial, the Khaki Navy GMT model doesn't, it only has a number (330) below the six-o'clock marker. Why does that happens and is this model made in Switzerland as well?

Please, if you have more info, reviews and pics that you'd like to share, they'll be welcome. I would like to read the pros and cons about this model, and user experiences. I must confess that I didn't pay attention at all to this model the first time I saw it in a picture, but it grew up on me and now I find it very interesting and I think it has almost 100% what I need in a watch, which is a lot to say.

What I'm looking for is the following (please, feel free to comment on this points and answer the questions I have):

  • A swiss made diver's watch,
  • automatic ETA movement,
  • stainless steel case and bracelet,
  • 200mts. water resistant.
  • diver's extension (not sure if this model has it.)
  • GMT time (not perfect, though, the city ring doesn't cover all the time zones.)
  • turning bezel (is it possible to unscrew the bezel crown and turn it while the watch is on the wrist? It would be uncomfortable to take it off everytime some measurement of time is needed.)
  • screw-in links (does this model have them or does it use push pins?)
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Mine is the Quartz version: I needed (wanted) a 200m beater other than the Seiko:

NO diver extension.

GMT time zones: wierd, but I liked its looks better than the non-GMT.

Turning the internal bezel: NOT likely while its on your wrist-PLUS they are polished which (although they are big) makes them hard to grasp thightly enough to unscrew-my biggest complaint about this design.

NO screw in links

Mine says Swiss Made on the face and on the back and also had a sticker on the back saying "Made in Switzerland" with a date stamped on it.

Hope this helps.
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If it's just seconds you'd like to measure the outside bezel turns also, the internal requires the crown to be unscrewed and adjusted off the wrist, which as I said earlier is more difficult than most with its smoothly polished crowns, even though they have slightly machined grooves.
Hmmm...not the auto, but as I said in my first post of the thread, mine is the quatz.

It has an external bezel.

That rotates.


One way.

Without the Crown.

I know this is not the same watch in question, my references were based on my watch only and I thought I made that clear. Since I wasn't clear and I know its not the same exact watch I apologize for such a mistake. Anyhow...this is what it looks like, my yard work, mechanics, cattle branding watch.

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