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Hello SP,

Been awhile mate, hope your well. Happy New Year!

Nice examination of those compared models in the co-writen article, I liked reading this and appreciate it.

BTW, I tend to agree with the supported information and factual findings. I also subscribe to the theory and technical analysis of the HEQ & HAQ technology, and while I have some extra info on what is called today as High Accuracy Quartz Cailbers made by (Zenith Watch Ltd) for the (Zodiac Watch company) back in the early 1990's that would have been great to include in your analysis & testing considering that these specially made hi grade quartz movements were ahead of their time, but you would have needed the watch to test and I dont own them any longer and not to mention your results I think are of the modern day quartz calibers. Your findings are well taken in thought and will be regarded by current qualitative analysis, as a very good work.

I think your examination was top notch and a great work in WISdom...Thank You!

Cheers, :thumbup1:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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