Is that a Hammie in my pocket :) (modem burner)

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I have been away for a while and thought i should jump on the Hamilton forum and post my first thread here :001_tt2:

I Know its not a watch, but a pocket watch ... though i do have a few old wrist Hammies in the safe :biggrin:

First shot with its ORIS friend (and yes, you guys can all come post over at the ORIS forum too :thumbup1:)

Elgins on the top, Hamiltons on the bottom .......

Some nice details ........

Just love the red :001_wub:

It takes guts :lol:

And no, i dont know much about it at all ......... but it is beautiful and needs a good cleaning. :001_rolleyes:
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Pocket watches are real watches, too. You've got some nice examples, there. I'd like to see your vintage wrist Hamiltons when you get time to photograph them. Thanks for sharing these with us.
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