Is that a Hammie in my pocket :) (modem burner)

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I have been away for a while and thought i should jump on the Hamilton forum and post my first thread here :001_tt2:

I Know its not a watch, but a pocket watch ... though i do have a few old wrist Hammies in the safe :biggrin:

First shot with its ORIS friend (and yes, you guys can all come post over at the ORIS forum too :thumbup1:)

Elgins on the top, Hamiltons on the bottom .......

Some nice details ........

Just love the red :001_wub:

It takes guts :lol:

And no, i dont know much about it at all ......... but it is beautiful and needs a good cleaning. :001_rolleyes:
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Beauties, Jeff and welcome back from the campaign trail.
Thanks for the warm welcome here gang :thumbup::thumbup:

As Rusty mentioned i have been a little busy for the last coupla of months.
Wrist shot with the Pam 89 while at work ...........

I will have to dig out some of my vintage collection and get some photos, i know there are more than a few Hammies in the bunch :001_rolleyes:
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