Is Hamilton the next Invicta?

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Okay, so Hamilton is hot right now. The brand offers Swiss Made watches at low/mid-range price points and very acceptable quality.
The buzz reminds me of Invicta (and Oris from about five years ago).
So my questions are:

Is Hamilton just the watch of the moment (remember the line was actually revamped/relaunched about 18 months ago) despite it's history? And would it boom if it was on those TV shows?

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No, I think they will be a niche brand for collectors. Most of their stuff is either military or vintage styled and I think they will limit their designs to a few well-thought out pieces. Swatch will not be shortsighted with marketing, flood the market, and try to compete with the likes of Invicta. They will push the heritage of the brand, keep the designs classic, and eventually raise prices. Get 'em now while they are still affordable.
I think Hamilton might be hot on this board right now.

Overall, however, I think Hamilton maintains a steady and even presence in the watch world.

I've owned a Hamilton since, at least, ten years ago and buy one every other year or so.

Their JazzMaster line, introduced about two or three years ago, was a nice break from their Khaki and dress lines. And most recently their Khaki King divers have caught my eye.

Hmmm. I guess everything is eventually cyclical though.
I would say no. People actually speak well of Hamilton and their customer service. The same can not be said for Invicta.
I agree with Timefinder.

Besides, Hamilton and Invicta are totally different brands with totally different styles. It's like comparing apples to oranges, or in some cases with Invictas: lemons.:D

Hamilton has a heritage and reputation that Invicta lacks. personally, I think Swatch made a smart move with Hamilton when the acquired the brand. Nothing over the top. Just good affordable Swiss-made timepieces. Hamilton's lineup consists of the military-inspired Khaki line and the dressier American Classics line, but practically all their designs are subtle, clean and classic.

Invicta's has few original designs, but for the most part they are copies of existing watch designs (ie, Rolex, Seiko, etc.) but with variations. Invictas also tend to be a bit over the top with their watch designs. You won't find any blinged out Hamiltons with rose gold plating or a MOP dial with diamonds all over the dial and a 52 mm case!
I would say no. People actually speak well of Hamilton and their customer service. The same can not be said for Invicta.

You saved me some typing.
Oh-and don't forget QC.
I can't remember hearing many Hammie Horror stories!!
Hamilton and Invicta are 2 different animals.

The world is not ready for another Invicta!!!!:scared:

I think Hamilton is doing fine just the way they are.

Right now it seems to me Hamilton is doing just about everything right. I have not seen any of the recent models on any of the forums that I would not love to have in my collection.

Best Regards,

Thomas Carey
So far it seems that most everyone sees comparisons to Invicta as a negative thing. I don't post in the general forum section often, but I find the disdain for Invicta among WISers fascinating.

I can see why the comparison is relevant. Hamilton sells good quality watches at reasonable prices and people are catching on. The design philosophy may be different, but the affordability/quality are comparable. I'm planning on picking up a Hamilton in the next year and I can only hope that it serves me as well as my Invictas have.
Hamilton has always had a great reputation in the watch industry, they offer quality product at a price point that everyone can afford.
1.5 million Invictas sold in 2007. 2 million + projected sales in 2008. Someone is liking them a whole bunch.

Good question, boscoe. It seems as if interest is high for the brand HERE on WTF. But IMHO, they are not Invicta in that they do not cut as broad of a swath across many, many price points in the watch martketplace. And I hope they never do. Parent company Swatch Group seems to be able to do that through the many other brands they sell from Swatch up to Omega et. al.

And based on a conversation I had with a former Hamilton AD here in Rochester, they were dropped like a hot potato when the dealer was hung out to dry several years ago over CS and QC issues. (That sounds a little more like the cheese yellow company that many of us love, love to hate, or hate to love.)

It seems as if the company has righted the ship and is back on the straight-and-narrow. Here's hoping they maintain because I am falling in love with the Jazzmaster, the Khaki, and I have always loved look of the Ventura.
What Elvis liked, I do to.

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You saved me some typing.
Oh-and don't forget QC.
I can't remember hearing many Hammie Horror stories!!
Hamilton and Invicta are 2 different animals.
True, but every now and then I hear they put the wrong numbers on the dial! :D
True, but every now and then I hear they put the wrong numbers on the dial! :D


I wish I still had it!!!
...(remember the line was actually revamped/relaunched about 18 months ago)....

I think Revolution has given the best answer.

I can see nothing in the current line that would even suggest that the Swatch Group will ever use the Hamilton brand to try to duplicate Invicta's marketing strategy.

That is actually the domain of Swatch, it seems to me.

In my research, I have not noted anything to indicate that the line was revamped and relaunched about eighteen months ago.

Do you have a link to such data?
@grady: this is from conversations with folks in the watch industry - and my own guru Old Grumpy, who sells Hamiltons (AD) and keeps me abreast of all the buzz. He told me about two years ago Hamilton would be making a big push - and lo and behold the ad lineage soared and so did the brand's visibility in the Internet Watch World.
When you make a massive advertising push after decades of zero or little marketing, aggressively pursue new outlets and sign up ADs, that's a type of "relaunch." They have also tweaked their lineup and tightened QC. Hamilton suffered some severe QC issues over the last decade, according to Grumpy
I didn't know about the QC problems, but the ratcheted-up ad campaign doesn't sound like a relaunch to me, because I have been tracking the brand on various websites for longer than that.

I have noticed that the Khaki III line has disappeared as a sort of entry-level offering.

Of course, following watches on retail sites is not the same as having inside information.

I'm very glad to hear that things are looking up, though.

I'm not kidding when I say that the interest in my Hamilton has been both surprising and gratifying.

People are impressed both by the name and with the watch itself.

Relative to the current trends, the Khaki quartz field watches are not that notable, but nonetheless, mine has a "wow factor" that is palpable.
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Hamilton does not try to be all things to all people. But what they offer is different than what you will find from the "mainstream".
Hamilton.. Next Invicta.... I don't think so!!!

I'm on my 5th Hamilton and they were all GREAT!
I had 2 Invictas and will NEVER buy one again.
Hamilton is a real watch company, not a marketing company trying to sell everything that moves. It has a history and a reputation that it tries to stand by, unlike other companies who could care less, as long as they sell something to the masses.

The funny thing about Hamilton is a few years ago, I really wanted to buy a vintage Ventura. I was crazy for vintage Hamiltons. I spoke with Ren茅 Rondeau, the leading guru on them. He restores them perfectly and has written two books on them. Great website.

Anyway, I emailed Hamilton and asked them if they would ever make an automatic version of the Ventura. I didn't want a quartz watch at the time. The president of marketing emails me back saying that would never happen. Are you crazy?? The Ventura was the world's first electric watch. It's powered by a battery and keeps perfect time. We would never make an automatic version of the Ventura. That's out of the question.

Well, guess what they did this year?? Not only did they make an automatic version of the Ventura, but they made it a limited edition.

Idiot. They probably fired him. That's why Hamilton is making a comeback.

Now if they only released a gold version with a black dial Ventura again. I LOVE THAT LOOK.
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