Is having an in-house movement that important to you?

  • Yes, it's a must

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  • Not a factor for me

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Is a ' manufacture ' movement that important to you?

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I'm not given to technical matters in watches, preferring instead to be charmed by the aesthetics of a given timepiece. However, I am a great fan of the Co-Axial with its' steady rate of output at all levels of power reserve and extended service interval. Other manufacturers tried it but gave up so kudos to Omega for steadfastly standing by their courageous move in going with George Daniel's work of many years. Now of course, Bienne is taking it one step further in producing it all in-house as opposed to relying on the development of an ' in-family ' movement. I say ' in-family ' since the cal 2500 was born of the much-loved cal 1120 which in turn was an Omega re-working of the already exceptional ETA 2892-A2, ETA being an integral part of the Swiss Family Swatch.

So pals, is having an in-house movement a really important factor in your watch-buying criteria? I personally would prefer having a movement that was accurate, durable and reliable. That the cal 2500 was already a development of the cal 1120 is good enough for me. It is already an Omega and performs like gold and gold after all is gold. So why the need to go fully in-house?

What say you pals? Is it really important to you that a movement in your watch was in-house? If so, why?

Y'all have a nice weekend now

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I prefer an in-house movement, but it is not essential. I'm looking forward to the 8500 series of movements. Hal
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