Invitation to NON-MEMBERS

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Dear WTF Non-Members aka Guests,

I have noticed many of you visiting the Hamilton Forum and I would like to extend an invitation to you to join so that you can fully participate in this and ALL the WTF forums. It's free, easy to join, and I promise no one will try to sell you aluminum siding (or aluminum watches for that matter).:001_smile:

So c'mon. Don't be shy. We like to have fun here so please join us.
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NOOOO..... don't listen to them. I was fooled by their open, friendly manner, and found myself sneaking over here from the Breitling forum, reading the posts, admiring the pics, and the next thing you know, I'm checking out the Hamilton website :drool: And darn it, I'm HOOKED! I want one!!
The only thing saving my wallet right now is that there are no Hamilton dealers here :crying:
So stay away, unless you want to be educated and entertained by a bunch of people who are passionate about the looks, quality and 'heritage' of this great brand. I couldn't resist and look at me now, a broken shell of a man, with no Hamilton on my wrist :001_rolleyes:
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