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Invicta ProDiver 4469 – The Review

By: wilfreb

INTRO: I wanted to make a full review of this match mainly cuz i think this will be the next ‘’legend’’ from invicta, its quality, fit and finish, and price, makes it a total winner.

The first ‘’swiss’’ fever CAME when invicta relased the famous ‘’9937’’, an upgrade to the actual ‘’legend’’ the 8926, in the 9937 was added a sapphire cristal, solid end links, cissor style clase and a swiss movement. Cool features but in a few months of its relase, a lot of problems came up, making people thinking about the new swiss movement maker Sellita with its SW200 automatic, but in the end, it was determinate that the problem was invicta’s fault when assembling the watch, the crown was the problem.

The Invicta ProDiver 4469 is all that an invicta or swiss divers watch fan want. Its bigger case, all swiss made, new design makes it a living legend.



This watch is made from a solid block of stainless stell, its 43mm case makes this watch stand out of the normal watches, normally 38mm to 40mm. bigger watches are ‘’hot’’ so this one is very hot.

Its curved so it ill fit the wrist perfectly.

The crown guard really does its job, the crown sits inside of both guards.

It has the same size as the aussie pro diver.


Some people don’t like mother of pearl, I dislike it two, but not in this watch, the MOP is very descent and it shines only when its necessary, is mainly black.

And if I change the angle:

The markers are amazing, reminds me the ‘’maxi dial’’, the big markers makes the dial look very good.

The date magnifier is excellent, better than any other invicta model, perfectly centered in the middle.

And one of the most important things of the watch is this ‘’swiss made’’ printed on the dial.

One of my main draws for the 4469 was the newly designed hands, more bold and bigger, gives the watch a modern-classic look.


This is an important point on the 4469, the bracelet have solid end links and better clasp.

The brusher/polished look is normal for invicta divers, it looks great, but its very easy to scratch.

The clasp looks better and works better that the normal, and makes the watch looks expensive.

The solid end links are a big upgrade to the normal divers, makes the watch more solid and the quality is more appreciable.

No folded end links.


This muct be the easy to use crown ever, super big, very easy to grip and to turn, perfect crown in this watch.


This is the beloved ‘’coin edge bezel’’, it’s the most easy to use, looks great and its classic, and invicta id a great job in the 4469, this one is all polished and pops like diamonds when the lights touches it. Gorgeous.

The lume dot is missing, some people likes it, some not, for me isn’t a big deal.


We all know that when it comes to caseback, invicta is an expert, and this one isn’t an exception.

Displaying all the main info of the watch behing like sapphire, 300m, automatic…
Its handsome.

The movement is the Sellita SW200, very accurate, too young to be trusted but its being used in a lot of other swiss brands like Breitling, Oris…
The rotor is nicely decorated and it has a grey tone, leaving behind the blue of the 9937,


This is a well made swiss watch, it has all the features of an much more expensive watch. It looks extremely cool on the wrist and gets a lot of compliments.

Not in the Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer league, but it has so many nice features that if you where going to buy a submariner for $5k or a seamaster for 2k and you get to hold this timepiece in your hands for just $380, you can get confused.

Its decorated caseback and movement, the 43mm size, the hands, its coin edge bezel, the solid bracelet and its price makes it a instant winner.

my 4469 have been in my wrist since its arrival, when i put another watch on it feels to small and light. :crying:

now i'm
with the black mop. i wont change it for a solid back, everyone thats looks at it says ''wow that looks awesome'' i doubt a solid dial would do that.

your comments will be appreciated.


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That's the way to do a review lot's and lot's of watch porn to go along with it!! Well done. Sheesh!!! I feel like I wanna go out and buy one right now!!!!

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Wilfreb, you are definitely born-again.

I'm happy with my Pro Divers and it seems that Invicta is dedicated to improving an already plenty good watch.

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Great review thanks for taking the time and the pics were great. Could not agree more the 4469 is one great watch.

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Congrats wilfreb on picking up a very killer Invicta Pro Diver. Great review and photos.
Now you know what we all love about the 43mm Swiss Made Pro Diver.
Enjoy and wear well.
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