Invicta Pro Diver Questions...

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Aloha All,

I noticed that on the Invicta website the new Pro Diver series has the scalloped bezel but I've also seen them on ShopNBC with the coin-edge (my personal favorite).

My two questions:

1) Will the new series have scalloped or coin-edge or both?

2) Will the new series have MOP dials? I hope NOT!

Thanks! :001_smile:
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Hello and welcome to the Original Invicta Forum Ikkyu. I don't know what model you are looking at, but I have the 43mm gun metal Swiss diver and it has a CE bezel. But I am sure Invicta will have both styles.
Hi Ikkyu and welcome to the Original Invicta Forum. Hawaii eh, as upstate NY gets buried by the nor'easter heading up the Atlantic coast. Kaneohe sounds pretty nice right about now.

I concur with my learned colleague (and suffering Chicago Bears devotee, AutoMovt.) Since Invicta is on a tear right now with MOP dials, I think we shall see more of them across all of the many collections. And the divers will probably have both Omega and CE bezels.
Thanks for the responses guys. :thumbup1:

And Rusty, you shouldn't feel too jealous about about the weather because it's been cold here in Hawaii also. Last night the temperatures dropped way down into the 70s and I almost had to put on socks.......:scared:
Invicta's bezel and dial styles are like the weather. They change almost daily.
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