Invicta mechanical chronograph question

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I saw Eyal selling the Invicta Men's Ocean Ghost Mechanical Chronograph Watch on TV yesterday.

I did a google search and the model numbers are 4728, 4729, 4730, 4731, & 4732. The banner at the bottom of the TV screen read "Swiss Made". And this is what the website says 'Movement: Mechanical 1902'. World of Watches website says 'Movement: Japan 1902 mechanical chronograph, 22 jewels'.

Is this movement Swiss, Japanese, or Chinese? I got a reply back on another forum and they said it was a Technica Swiss Ebauche. And another that said that Invicta makes its own movements now.

I believe it is a Seagull ST1902 manual wind movement. This movement is one of the better Chinese movements, IMHO. I own a watch with a Seagull 1901 movement and it is rock solid and very accurate.

I couldn't find a picture of the display back on the Invicta but here is a picture of mine.

What really got to me was that Eyal was touting the sub dial at 6 o'clock and saying that they had specially designed this feature for this watch. It is an hour hand that mirrors the main hour hand. A common practice to give a watch the full '3 subdial' look. He was actually turning the crown to make the hour hand and the sub dial hour hand go around. Touting a useless subdial!! Gheeshh!

My ST1901 doesn't have the third subdial and I prefer it that way.

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IMO for it to be a chronograph I like the look of the third subdial. It gives symetry to the look. Not everyone feels this way but that's why there are sooooo many brands and styles out there.

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I just think when presenting a mix of watches during a one hour show, with Swiss Made, Swiss Movt, and other movements in no particular order can become confusing. Just imagine trying to present all of these watches giving all of the particulars. It can be tough. Also it's obvious that English is not Eyals first language. Having spent 5 years stationed in Germany and speaking German (when my first language is English) it's tough translating mentally between the languages. It is very easy to misspeak.
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