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Akribos is a brand sold on the other watch show and I've bought one that I like alot. It's a Breitling homage and I bought one for $90 on a steel bracelet. I think it's a very well-made watch and looks great. Though the steel bracelet was Invicta like, in that it was hefty, well-made and better than a Rolex bracelet, I put it on an Invicta alligator strap and wear it all the time.
I plan on buying other watches from them.
I've noticed a trend with them that I've found puzzling. I know every watch company copies from one another. I mean it's got to be next to impossible to come up with anything new. But I notice they seem to be biting Invicta's style, (which Invicta may have also borrowed, I don't know) and then charging more than Invicta. Does this look familiar?

This is the latest in a number of similar models, including a lupah homage and it's being sold for more than the Invicta version.
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