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John from NH here... Bummer... I wish I had read this yesterday... I sent my 9973 in for repair yesterday... Guess I can kiss that goodbye. Darn!

I called last week and they said they would sent me some replacement bracelet pins (screw tubes) as all my screws have fallen out. I had called 2 years ago and they said the same thing.. we will send them out right away... nothing... I was hoping maybe they have changed. Looks like the CS is crap.

Any leads on an inexpensive Steinhart Ocean 1 or GMT Ocean 1? I am off for vacation in 2 weeks.

The 9973 Gold rotor I have still works but all the bracelet screws are missing, The of the 2 blue rotor 9973's I got (I believe they were from you Eddy) one was DOA (replaced by you) and the other the self winding is now broken. So I am down to the old gold rotor with no screws, and the replaced DOA which is very fast.

I was going to ship it back for calibration Glad I left it in the safe.

I hope I get the watch back before vacation but I doubt it. I may be lucky to get it back for next summer.. and hopefully it's fixed.

This info is discouraging.. but this info is very useful.

Eddy... so now that invicta is in the never again status, what "Pro Diver" is the replacement for the 9973??? The Ocean 1?

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