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Broken Out of the Box

I am new new to the forum but with a story like this and what I have been reading on the forum this is nothing new about Invicta.
I turned on the show in the morning and the watch I wanted was being discounted. I waited for late afternoon and bought it through the web. Later that night it was still being sold by Jim. I recieved an email stating it was backordered. It was being sold all day and night and was still backorderd. When I finally recieved it everything looked perfect, even the time and date were set right, so I thought. I took out my invicta tools and took some links out to fit my sons wrist. That day we had a family gathering and I gave my son his watch and then gave him the speel on invicta. Around two or three o'clock he noticed the date had changed and pulled the crown out and it came off in his hand. This was a very embarrassing moment. The watch was broken straight from the factory. I read on the shows warranty card that since I opened it and took links out it was void for a return. The Invicta service center was next. After some digging I finally did reach a person who told me they did not have a replacement, they were out. He did tell me what to do next. The watch now has been sent to Florida where they said it will be shipped to their Swiss service center in Switzerland. Recently I went to the shows website after two weeks and low and behold the watch is still being sold. So now I wait for a broken factory lemon to get fixed and hope.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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