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A clarification may be needed here.
(I hope I don't derail this thread, but) I just want to take a minute and interject something here. While the discussion of fakes (aka counterfeits, knock-offs, rip-offs, Canal Street Specials, copys, imitations, replicas, whatever) can be tricky, Watch Talk Forums does not prohibit it.
The fact that replicas exist at all practically mandates that we be able to face the subject. It is something collectors and potential collectors need to be aware of and educated about when ever possible. Therefore, as long as the discussion educates people about replica watches, this site has no problem with it. After all, how else are we as collectors going to learn? How else can we, as friends to each other, prevent another friend from making a bad and often costly mistake? If a new member asks our help in determining whether or not the watch his buddy sold him is real or not, we will do what we can to get him the answer he seeks. If a new member wants to know how to tell a real (insert Brand name) from a fake one, we'll help him too. If someone wants to know why fakes are bad, we'll even answer his question as well.
SO what does WTF not allow? In our Rules and Regulations our stance is pretty clear n the subject. We don't allow idle chit-chat about fakes. We don't let people say "Wow, I just saved THOUSANDS by buying from XYZ Replicas." Or for that matter any form of talk that does not serve an educational purpose. That goes for photos as well. While side-by-side comparisons between the real and the fake are allowed because they teach, posting photos of fakes simply because you want to isn't allowed.
And under no circumstances will we allow direct linking to sites that sell fakes.

Anyway, I could just imagine guys out there wondering "How are we supposed to know about this stuff if we can't talk about it?" and wanted to say something ASAP. I hope this helped. If anyone still has questions, PLEASE let me know!

OK...enough with the soapbox...back now to Invictas and B&Rs and whatever....
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