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I am one of the “volunteers” for the Discount Watch Store reviews;
I am a new member, and this is my first review. That being said; please share your opinion of my review as well as any tips/ideas to make them better.
Also, I am not the greatest photographer, but hope to get better with practice and some experimentation.

Zai sent me the Invicta 8935 Two tone diver . Invicta 8935 Men's Two Tone Blue Dial Pro Diver

40 mm
SS and gold
Quartz with date (and hacking!)
Water resist to 200 M
Mineral glass crystal

I was pleasantly surprised….
I don’t care for gold much except on the dial/hands, and I don’t usually wear quartz watches. ( I have ruined many of them due to my work)

I found the gold/SS two tone very pleasing, just the right amount of each to compliment the other.

When I first put it on, I noticed how light it was without the “cheap” feel.
( I am used to wearing heavy automatic dive or “tool” watches)

Another thing I liked immediately was the dial… it appears a dark blue, but when turned on your wrist the dial is a rich and very pretty purple/blue…

Went to set the time and it hacks! Woohoo!
I realize some don’t care, but I really like this feature, while I am not a stickler for accuracy, I like to have an idea of how accurate my watches are, so this is a nice feature for me.
Crown positions felt positive, and I like when they have the small symbol on them.

Wore it around the house a bit, doing some mundane chores, it’s a good size at 40mm, not small, but not huge and clunky….
The Bezel detents are distinct with the slightest bit of backlash (unidirectional and felt a little softer than my deep blue diver, but the deep blue actually has more backlash)
Bezel returned to “zero” after a full revolution

I wore it probably an hour and a half and then set it on my bed in the dark,
I wear tritium watches a lot and wanted to see what the lume was like.
So I forced myself to wait about 45 minutes and then went in to see what it looked like.
I was impressed, it was very legible, this is also where I learned that it’s hard to take a pic of the lume!

A couple nitpicks, and these are personal preferences….
I don’t like the winged logo on the dial, but I am not much for logos… and it does match the theme of the watch
Also don’t like the logo on the side of the case, but again, it’s petty and I realize it’s due to me not liking logos

I am impressed with this watch, and would wear it, much to my surprise.
The fit and finish is nice, and it's attractive without being gaudy.
Especially at the price point, I think it’s a great value…

Thanks for reading,
and thank you to Zai for the opportunity,

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nice review, good pics too, this is a real staple in their lineup, I'm more of a automatic guy myself, but it's a great wearing watch, I have a 9210 that I'm just in love with. I do like how invicta is engraved on the case side, I don't know why, I just think it's cool.

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Thank you,
I had actually bought the Invicta 0997 a while back when it was on special and am pleased with how nice it is and how well it keeps time.
(I'm an auto guy as well, especially auto chrono's)
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