Invicta 6940 - is it original or fake? help

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Hi all,

I would like to ask you what do you think about this Invicta 6940, could it be original one?
I tried to compare with pictures on google and I did not find any difference.
However I have found some strange things:
1. chronograph hand (second) - bottom part seems to be bended little bit to left side
2. I was not able to setup correct date and found out that I cannot feel the steps of crown when I pulling it. But after some time playing with crown, date window is working now.
3. I have ripped the band (this is why band is missing on pictures) - could it be some low quality material ??
4. The box is black, not yellow

On the pictures you can see all what I received with watches - big black "leather" box, paper black box, a lot of papers (some outcoming quality check, some manuals, warranty papers ...)
Everything looks in good quality and also glass is still not scratchet after ca 2 years of using.

So what do you think?

Thank you all!


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It's Genuine.

Sometimes they start off with the black box, and switch to the yellow.

timex: Thank you for your response.

I have realized that also chronograph minute hand is on one minute, when I reset the chronograph (you can see on figures above).
This is weird, It worked correctly for hole time of usage. I was using the watches for two years without this phenomena and then watches were stored in box maybe for one year with crown pulled out. And now this appeared first time.

So do you have some idea? Somebody?

Thanks again!
The chronograph can be recalibrated, the instructions are in the yellow book that cam with the watch.
The chronograph can be recalibrated, the instructions are in the yellow book that cam with the watch.
Thank you for this information, I had no idea about it :001_smile:
And what do you think, is it normal? Can it happen that hand changes initial position or does it mean some problems with movement?

And what still worries me is the crown movement. What do you thing, is it unusual that I cannot feel the steps (clicks) when I am operating (pulling out/pushing in) crown ?
I have to search the position little bit in which I can operate date window...

Thanks again
In my experience you should feel a small click when pulling the crown. I guess it depends on the movement. Chronographs needing to be recalibrated is not unusual unless you have to do it all the time. I think Timex can give you a more detailed answer.
I already re-calibrated them :) But procedure was different from manual ... manual is saying, pull the crown to second position, press and hold both buttons and big hand turnes over the 360°. Then ju can adjust position of hands. It did not work for me so I tried to find different procedure. And I found it - pull the crown to first position, press and hold both buttons (but big second hand did not start to turn) and then I adjusted the hands by buttons. I have udjasted second hand at first but then when I wanted to adjust minute hand also second hand has moved with first few clicks ... strange, so I adjusted second hand againd on the end.

Regarding filling the clicks when pulling the crown, yes I know exactly what you mean and I feld it in the past. But thet "clicking" disappeared.
However now after some time of playing I can feel the clicking again. So I am confused, I do not know if it means some upcoming problems with movement or it is normal after some time the watch was stored in box and unused ??
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The watch may need servicing. Call invicta and givethem the lowdown and they can tell you weather or not to sedn it back for a spa day. If you have a local watchmaker and you dont care ifthe warranty gets voided he can relube and take care of it i'm sure. Since it's a reserve it has a 5 year waranty. Send it back and they will take care of it and maybe throw in a new band. Be prepared for a possible 90 day turn around
The reason why I am asking all these questions is prevent to spend a lot of money for replacement band and the some other issue appear. Unfortunatelly these wathes are out of warranty (bought in USA but using in Europe/Czech republic) so all costs are on my. New replacement band costs ca 110 dollars :(
XKRRATED, gave Michal84, good advice in the answer below. :thumbup1:

Response in below thread. :cool1:

LINK: Invicta 6940 - is it original or fake?

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