Inverted cyclops on an 8928 diver

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I am about to invert the crystal on my 8928. I am going to put the cyclops on the inside rather on the outside. Why? As you know that bulging cyclops is prone to scratches bec. it sticks out. I had seen someone do it for that reason. What do you guys think?
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The trick is to have all the tools to do it, the most important being the guts or courage to do it. I'll take b4 and after pics to show.
Datsun240z71 you are absolutely right!! Good thing you mentioned that. Thank you.

I went ahead and reversed it but before I did a final press on the crystal I wanted to make sure that the seconds hand would clear the bulge, and sure enough, it did NOT clear and stopped. So instead, I just did some cleaning and called it a learning experience. It was a kinda neat experience, almost like a surgeon and being very careful on what I was doing, but keep in mind, you gotta have the tools, and if you break it, call it a costly research.
Sorry, no pix, due to unsuccessful project.
Yes, you get a torch type lighter, like the ones used in lighting cigars, apply heat on the underside of the cyclops(I used tweezers to hold the crystal) and while it is still hot, use a blade to "scrape" it out of the way. Angle the crystal to dissipate the heat and be careful not to touch the glass with your bare fingers. Let cool at room temperature. Also, be careful not to heat the glass for long, it will blister the crystal. It is not for the faint-hearted and do it only if you wont regret losing a watch crystal.
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