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Came across a local deal on this one and couldn't pass it up. It is in excellent shape save for a few tiny hairlines which I'll take of later and has a full service history.

First order of business for me is to get a new strap. I do like the rubber but it came with a long strap which isn't even close to fitting on my small wrist so I think I'll get a navy blue croc band to try out.

Here are some quick snaps I took...I'll post some others once I change the strap.


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Good watch; Breguet makes a good one. Although I can't spend more than USD$500.00 for a watch myself, I do have to admit you made a good call. Breguet is worth the money, for sure - I just don't have the jack for it.

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Beautiful dial.
Engine turned dial work = guilloch茅 (gee-oh-shay, with a hard G as in "gorilla" - not the soft one that sounds almost like a J as in "George")

The word comes from Guillot, the name of the French inventor of the rose engine machine that engraves the patterns. You can see them mentioned in this thread:

Like the case work. More cases should be detailed/engraved/ decorated like that (not sure of the correct terminology).
If you mean the sides, that's called a coin edge I think.
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