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Yep. I put my M-20 on a Hirsch Carbon strap, and it looks great!
Don't worry too much about putting on the bracelet. I put mine on today, and it went on fairly easy. I also removed a link from the bracelet. The only tools I had were a small screwdriver, a small punch, and a pair of pliers. It took me about 40 min.
One day I'm going to break down and get me the proper tools to do this sort of thing. The hardest part was getting both ends of the spring bars into the proper holes.
Also, the friction pins have a sleeve, or collar, that needs to go back in the middle of the link, before you re-connect the ends. But it all went back together nicely. The bracelet feels more comfortable to me than the strap did. I was lucky that it fits so well, as the bracelet doesn't contain any half links, or micro adjustments.
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