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There hasn't been an "Incoming" thread for a long time - am I to presume you've stopped buying?

Anyhoo - I thought I'd share the arrival of a couple of my vintage grails; it's been a good month (so far!)

First up was this 1960 Romanesque M in 14K with a 22 jewel 770 movement. Many of Hamilton's Romanesque models had a florentine finished case and in some examples, the pattern continued into the bracelet. They are all stunning.

Image: M Spina

Next is a c1933 Langley with three piece case by Solidarity and 19 jewel 979F movement in solid 14k gold. Probably yellow - but not sure!

Seller's image

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Very nice

Stales, I don't typically care for florentining, but I do like that totally florentined Romanesque M. Nice looking watch.
The 14K Langley is more to my usual taste and it looks super.

Just 1 More, despite the lousy model name, that Automatic K-503 is gorgeous.
Is there a name for the styling of the numbers?
Egyptian, perhaps?

Indyago, the Square B is handsome enough with the radium markers, but the raised metal marker dial on the plain bezel B is killer!
I'll have to keep my eyes open for one like that.

Very nice acquisitions, gentlemen!
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