In-Coming and Received

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Hi folks,

Been super busy at work the last 6 weeks, hardly ever turned on my computer but now that it's slowing down I can get on the forum again. Never too busy for watch shopping though (much to my wife's despair), I have added several new Invicta's to my collection. I have added a mid-size Venom, An Excursion Sport, a mid-size Subaqua Noma IV, and yesterday I ordered a Specialty Sport with an 8-slot dive box. I will dust off the camera this weekend and get some pics, the Specialty Sport should arrive Tues. or Wed.
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Congratulations Bill! Look forward to the pictures. Picked up a Jason Taylor Corduba at the end of their sale, it should arrive tomorrow.
Nice!! Similar case design to the Specialty I have coming today.
LOL I hope not! The JT just arrived and good gosh it makes the face on my Leviathan look small!! :eek:hmy: The gold tone and black means no blue jeans and T-shirt with this watch, definitely a Sunday-go-to-meeting watch! If you've ever watched WOW, the guy is always saying stuff like '. . . it's a 40mm that wears like a 44mm', up until now I never really knew what he meant, but this is a 52mm that wears like a 60mm! Despite that, it's a keeper!
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