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Hi Everyone:

I saw on the old board and the new board, some people had questions about post counts, and other items of the board. For your reference, please see here:

SOURCE: WTF Old site in the FAQ section. (John wrote these, not me.) I am posting it here to help answer some questions.

WATCH TALK FORUM IS MOVING! Here’s an FAQ which will hopefully answer many questions.

Q: What is the URL for the new WATCH TALK FORUMS?
A: The new vBulletin software based WTF can be found at:

Q: Why has the decision been made to change the software for WTF from Proboards to vBulletin?
A: The current Proboards site has served us well for the past 3+ years, but it is not without problems. We don’t control the Google ads for one thing – a constant headache as it is not uncommon for counterfeit watch ads to be displayed. We have limited control on both the back end and front end of administering the Proboards site – particularly when it comes to controlling spammers and other unwanted “guests.”. The Proboards software does not work and play well with all browsers which has limited our growth. In short, we’ve simply outgrown Proboards. So, the decision was made to (at considerable expense) buy licensing for vBulletin software (the biggest and most well supported web based discussion forum software out there), set up a hosting service with MySQL capabilities, and a programmer was hired to set everything up. Now WATCH TALK FORUMS will be on a MUCH more level playing field with other competing wrist watch discussion forums such as TimeZone.

Q: When is the move happening?
A: For the past several weeks, work has been taking place to set up the new WTF site. December 1st will be the first day that the site will be “open to the public.” On December 1st, you’ll be able to access the new site by going to:
Between December 1st and December 15th BOTH the Proboards WTF site AND the vBulletin site will be “open.” During this time, we’ll be making any final changes or corrections which might need to be made. On December 15th, the official URL for WTF of will point to the vBulletin site.

Q: Will my user account automatically transfer to the new site?
A: Unfortunately, no. You will have to reregister on the new site beginning December 1st.

Q: Do I have to register on the new vBulletin Site with the same user name I had before?
A: While it’s recommended you use the same user name, it isn’t required.

Q: What will happen to my old account and my old PM's, etc.?
A: You will still be able to log in and access your old account. But after the 15th, you will no longer be able to post on the old Proboards site, and it will be closed for new member registrations. Only member activations prior to Dec. 15th will be able to log back in to the old site.

Q: What about my post count? Will I have to start back at “0” post count?
A: If it is important to you, just send a PM to JBHII ON THE NEW SITE and your post count can be set to what it was on the Proboards WTF site. PLEASE PM ME YOUR POST COUNT TOTAL WHEN YOU DO!!! NOTE: I'm getting a lot of PM's here on the old WTF site to restore post counts. Please don't PM me here - send the PM from the new site.

Q: How hard will it be to use the vBulletin site?
A: Any current member of WTF will have a VERY short learning curve – most of the basic functions like reading posts, creating posts, replying to posts, and posting photos will be nearly identical in how you execute the tasks today. In fact, vBulletin is one of the most common web based discussion forum software packages used on the Internet. Chances are you’ve used it before. You can even have the same avatar, signature, etc. you have today on WTF.

Q: What will happen to the Proboards WTF site? Is it going away?
A: No, the Proboards WTF site isn’t going away. None of the posts which currently reside on the Proboards site can be ported over automatically (over the past few weeks the Admin Team has been manually moving some data to the vBulletin site). On December 15th, the Proboards WTF site will be closed for new member registrations and for new posts. At this point, the Proboards WTF site will become “read-only” and the official archive.

Q: If I’m a Forum Sponsor, what will happen to my banner?
A: Once the vBulletin site opens up, ALL of our current sponsors will get double the amount of advertising than what they initially paid! All current sponsors will have their banners displayed on BOTH the vBulletin site AND the WTF Archive Proboards site AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Any new sponsors we receive going forward will have to pay extra to have banners displayed on both the main WTF site and the WTF Archive Site.
(End FAQ from old board.)

For any other questions, feel free to post, and we users will do our best to help you out. If we can't answer or assist, no doubt the Admins will have the answers for us.

So sit back, put your tray table in the upright position, and enjoy the ride!!!

WOOOHOOOO!!!! :) :) :) :) :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:
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