Impetus 4 Chronograph (Photos)

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40mm case size, 11mm thickness

Stimulated stone textured dial

ISA 8171.201 Chronograph Movement

22mm Mesh Bracelet

Also available in Charcoal Dial
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very nice, what is the dial made of.
Great dial. It has a meteorite look. Thanks Wing!!!

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very nice, what is the dial made of.
It is a stimulated stone textured dial made of medal.
Hi guys and Mr Wing
im new waiting for 3 Android watches to arrive this week (i know went into crazy buyer mode) and possible another 2 when the "South Beach" link gets fixed been trying to buy them all day long.

To the point i loved the "Impetus":thumbup::thumbup: im wondering if this is limited edition?
Any chance we'll see this in a three hand auto sometime down the road. That would be awesome and tough to resist.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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