Imagine this watch (2230.50)....

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but with a black bezel, Co Axial movement and red "Seamaster" script on the dial like the new Co Axial "Bond" watch........and you've got what I reckon will be released at Basel this year:thumbup:

Notice the applied markers & Omega icon? :drool:

Personally, if I'm right, I'll be one of the 1st to own it:thumbup:

What do ya'll think guys?

Also if I'm wrong I'll seriously be in the market for this model (2230.50) with the white gold bezel...nice:drool:
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Yes I reckon it will be unveiled at Basel 08 although probably not available until later in the year:sad:

The Americas cup is not as nice IMHO as it doesn't have the applied markers and has too much "LE" stuff all over it, I don't go for all that as I'm very conservative in my tastes.

I do prefer the "Bond" bracelet though! Be sweet if the new SMP had that or had it as an option at least:thumbup1:
Funny you should say that....

I've just been given an AC so I'll post it on mate:thumbup:

Dream on mate:001_tt2:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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