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It's a Carven watch. It says it's swiss made, stainless steel, automatic, "816 intrepide series", front sapphire crystal, water resistant 5 atm. it has a blue watch face. roman numeral numbers, shows the month and date. It's rectangle shape. it also has the number 3816 01481. My husband and I have been searching everywhere trying to find out more about it but we can't seem to find anything. Any help is appreciated. I'll try to post a picture later, I can't get a photo of it right now.
Thanks for the help!

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Cant say I've ever heard of them but this info shows up on the name "Carven" at the Mikrolisk site:

Wordmark Figurative mark Manufacturer Headquarters and Details
CarvenCostal Watch SABiel, Switzerland; Joined 31.08.1959
CarvenCarven SAParis, France; Joined 26.04.1979

Do a Google search for "Carven SA Watch" and you will come up with a few links...

Upload a couple of pics though!!

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Imagine a watch with the name Sears or Old Navy on the dial. CARVEN is a French fashion house (cough, cough). They sell women's and men's watches, cologne, clothing, wallets, purses, jewelry, shoes...:glare:

There's also this.....
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