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Hello Gang...
Time for a new Spotlight.

This is one of those Illinois that proves you don't have to break the bank to get a really cool watch!

First of all if you don't have a copy of Fred's book, you are missing the boat.
"The Illinois Watch, The Life and Times of a Great American Watch"

This beauty can be seen on page 126 and this is the watch shown lower left.

The first thing you will notice is the incredibly cool Art Deco Numerals.

This is the Commodore (non metal band) in WGF

It comes from the "Modern" period of Illinois watches and was made in 1931



Model Number 616 (Keystone/J. Boss)

FJF Notes:
Dial # 8077
Collectibility: 4/6
Rarity: 1/6 YGF 2/6 WGF
Price When New: 37.50 to 60.00
Price Today: 150 to 375
Biltmore 6/0 and Bostonian had metal bands
Add $10 in 1931


The Font on the Dial is SO cool!
This one is a "Sparkle" dial


RJ007 Notes:

A fun watch, found here and there on ebay and elsewhere
The dial font really catches the eye
Nice clean lines and wears nicely on the wrist
A must have for the collection, can be found at a good price.
Mine has a sparkle dial, try to find one with this feature

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Pretty darn awesome piece!

I like this side of your collection. Not everything has to be the rarest most expensive piece to deserve a spot on your wall. This along with the Marquis and New Yorker, make great introductions into the Illinois family!

Thanks for sharing, G!

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Thanks Jeff...
While many of the Illinois' out there are like collecting Duesenbergs,
there are some great, affordable, super looking examples, that can still be had for
a reasonable price.
The beauty of Illinois is they still hold their own in style and high art deco design.
80+ years later their style is still being copied by SO many others.
If you want the original, here you go.

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The font style that they used on this dial is VERY cool ! !

VERY original, can't say that I've ever seen it before.

Nothing else in the world like a Keystone J.Boss case too.
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