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Hello, just joined after reading the many informational post. Watch talk forums has been invaluable for a relative newbie. I have focused my small collection to mostly Illinois and Hamilton wristwatches. I particularly favor the art deco era and the asymmetrical Hamilton electrics. Now I would like to have some opinions of a Illinois "Osgood" I recently. The watch is in relatively good condition with a very clean running grade 307 movement. Not even any damaged screw heads. The case has no wear through or pitting except for the back. The back is in very poor condition with deep pitting and one corner worn through. My question is should I have the back restored or left alone. The best solution would be to get another case back, but I cannot even find the manufacturer of the case which is labeled "Osco Quality". Any info would be Watch Analog watch Clock Finger Gadget
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greatly be appreciated. Pictutre of dial was taken with the crystal removed due to reflection.
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OSCO was a German based watchmaker and case maker who provided cases to a number of other watch makers. It's unlikely you'll find a replacement case back unless you can find another similar non-working watch that has a good case back so i would suggest having it fixed & replated. On the west coast there is a company called 'Replateit' that does terrific case repair & replating work. A number of us have used them in the past with very good results.
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