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Not to long ago I thought that Dropbox was very cool with 2GB of free 'virtual/cloud storage".
This is a GREAT feature for sharing of any files (especially images and movies for me) between
your friends and family. In addition to that, this nice little software will also synchronize files
between your work PC, home PC, laptop, phone etc....Even better: you don't have your laptop
or phone on you? No problem, access any computer that has online access and you can access
your files anywhere around the world.

It's like carrying 10GB data stick on your key chain....except you don't have to ;-)

Just to clarify further.....The CX is exactly like DROPBOX, except you will get 10GB of free
virtual storage
on CX vs. 2GB on Dropbox. No more burning CDs or sending huge emails to your
mom with many attachments. Just drag & copy the the pictures/files to a designated folder and all
you have to do is email the link to anyone you want to share the files with. This is also a great
feature if you are working on a project on one computer (work?) and then you have to leave.
Just save it to CX-folder and resume your work on any computer later (home or anywhere else).

I absolutely LOVE Dropbox. I started with a free 2GB account and built it via referrals with friends
and colleagues to 7.25GB now as they give you 250MB free with each referral. (the cap is at 8GB
with unpaid program). the nice thing is that CX starts with 10GB free and one can built it up to
16GB free with 300MB/person referrals. Taking a lot of pictures and sharing movies with my
computer savvy co-workers I cannot imagine being without Dropbox now. Getting another 10GB free
from CX is simply great.

This is what my Dropbox looks like currently:

I am planning to do basically same things with CX, but due to its larger capacity right from the start,
it will be mostly dedicated to movies and images.

Here is the shameless plug :biggrin::
If you are going to download it, please use this link and I will get 300free MB for ea. referral.

You can do the same and your 10GB free account can grow up to 16GB !!

While I will be happy to get 300MB for anyone that registers, my objective is also to let you guys know
about this great and completely free service. I guess I was living under the rock as I did not even hear
about Dropbox until about 3 months ago, but now I cannot imagine to do my computing without
this 'cloud service'. This is old news for many of you but if you have never used it, I am certain that
you will find it quite useful.

It is a quick 2 step process:
- register only with your user name, email and password at the above link
- install the small software on your PC, laptop (app on your phone) etc.....and you are done.
You can start creating folders and sharing files between your electronic devices and/or between
your friends and family via selected 'shared folders'. VERY simple and very useful.

Cheers !

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Done, thanks for the great post!
I downloaded it! 10.3 Gig free (If you click that link you get 300mb more)
:thumbup1: Good to hear that you like it guys !! It's a great service when you can get 10GB completely free !

I find it very useful for my personal use (synchronizing work between home PC, work PC and my laptop),
But I find it especially useful for sharing images and movies with my friends, relatives as well as my clients.

For example, my parents as well as my sister are almost totally 'computer illiterate'. My dad learned how to
browse the internet, but that's about it. Emails, attachments etc. is not something he wants to be bothered
with, being almost 70 y.o.

They live overseas and anytime I wanted to show them some pictures, I had to create a photo-album/slide-show
on Photobucket and then I had to send him a link via Skype. Dropbox/CX make things SO much easier. I just created
a shared folder where I drop pictures for them and presto - they can see them 'anytime' in their full glory and at their
own leisure even without internet connection (after they are synchronized).
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