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ha ha haa
The New Ocean Ghost is here

the Invicta Lime family tree

#182/1000 - not really impressed with this laser etching, looks more like an after thought - Like uuhhh, oh yea, lets fire up the laser and burn some numbers in the case back - non the less, it is limited

OG is BIG, but I like it, I was very concerned it would be too big, this will be the size limit for Lime

gunmetal braclet:drool:

snagged this the other weekend when that big clearance sale was happening

actually desired this many months earlier but wasn't in the position to aquire it

overall I like the watch, a couple faults that I can live with especially at the price, the movement is silky smooth compaired to some of my others

lets dim the lights and say goodbye until later when the Aussie arrives

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Man wait till you see the meteorite in the sun it pops.Congratulations love the meteorite
dials and from the photos you definitely got a good one.I have the OG DM Gunmetal and
is one of my favorites.Enjoy that baby and take it out.
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