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hello guys i found this watch in my house it used to be my grandmom any help would be great bulova 10k gold filled n4 h7143c
You have a Ladies Accutron watch with a tuning fork movement. It has the 221 version of movement. If you go to and look for an Accutron 221 watch movement battery, you will find a listing of a battery with spacer ring that allows the battery to properly fit in the space. It might be best, if you are not skilled with watch battery replacement, to let a jeweler do this as the battery spring clip is very small and easily lost if it pops off under tension. If the watch hums after installing a new battery, you are in luck. If not and you want to keep it in running condition, it will need service. Even if it runs, and you wish to keep it, it should be serviced as it most likely has not been - maybe ever.

I presented a watch just like this to one of my grand daughters last month. The 221 Accutron movement is the smallest Accutron tuning fork movement ever produced by Bulova. It is a little unusual in that the arms of the tuning fork wrap around the battery cavity.

Not many watchamkers will work on Accutron movements today as Bulova no longer supports them with repair parts. Even fewer will work on this movement. I use a watchmaker in Bulgaria to service mine and he does a great job with this movement. If you need his contact info, let me know.
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