I have,

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:):) the same Speedy type bracelet on both of my Seamasters.

the only difference seeming to be the "great white" bracelet is ALL brushed and the 2254.50 has little shiny spacers between the links..

for utility sake I had thought of "brushing" the shiny bits so it would be easier to keep maintained, what do you think, bad idea... good idea?

thanks for your input:thumbup1:

now let er rip:thumbup:

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Either way,what you like is all that matters.If you choose to brush the links,I would use 320 grid sanding,the brand that has the foam on one side.That makes it easier to brush on small areas and it can be done quickly,without the worry of deep uneven brush marks.Start with that method,you can always go with a more coarse grid,but the scotch scrub pad,I find to be too abrasive.
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