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I received this watch when my Grandfather Passed away and I got told it worth a pretty penny I really don't know much about the pocket watch here are some pictures and wondering if I should insurance it and what it could sell for later in my life.Its been in my safe for many years and it works Perfectly and keeps time


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I'm sorry to say it looks like it could have been made by anybody. You see, before the turn of the last century, Switzerland was basically a farming society. But in the winter, the snow almost completely stopped that kind of work until the thaw. To suppliment their incomes, the Swiss turned to making watch parts (and sometimes assembling those parts into whole movements) which they then sold to the watch vendors in town that would then encase the movements and put their own names on the watches. That's just how they did things back then! The bottom line is that if you don't know exactly who originally sold the watch, making a positive identification is next to impossible. But as a family heirloom, it's priceless. Enjoy!
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