I had a LUM TEC itch....

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I hadn't bought a watch in quite awhile as other interests lead me in other directions.

So, I was skimming over the forum and saw Ladd's and Gaopa's posts about the 300M1. I liked it.

Lo and behold, LT had a few demos and I ordered one. It came in today and it is a fantastic piece.

Compared to the 44mm M16

Compared to the 40mm Sub

The bracelet is incredibly comfortable. It has a ratcheting system that extends to well over half an inch.

Lume shot with about a 30 sec charge

...and of course the money shot

I've ordered a couple of NATOs for it and will post pics when they come in.

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Compared to the 40mm Sub

When you compare thickness it's amazing to think that both watches are rated at 300 meters.:huh:
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