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With my limited knowledge, I believe Bulova was bought by Citizen Watch Co not to long ago so that might explain the Japanese/Hong Kong markings. Not sure where they may have been assembled? China?

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well, I went against the grain and bought a Precisionist for my husband. It is a beautiful question is, is it common for the watch to say Japan movement and Hong Kong band? View attachment 32389 View attachment 32390
Simple answer to your question; yes.

Your watch was assembled in 2011 (B1).

AS I recall, Bulova was acquired in 2008 and at the time had both Swiss and US operations so it's hard to say where the Precisionist series is assembled.

The one on my wrist is a bit newer; B2 (2012) and holding at aprox. + 0.3 seconds in three weeks.

Nice present...

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Nice model of the Precisionist. I have the Claremont, bottom end. Wouldn't mind adding one like your hubby's to my collection in the future when/if funds allow. :lol:

Pics with the battery and battery movement shield removed display the movement markings. The movement is marked "Japan". The Precisionist movement does have 8 jewels so it is a better design than most other standard quartz movements. I have a couple Citizens that had MSRPs equal to low and mid-range Precisionist models but without any jewels in the movements. The first Precisionists came out in the Fall of 2010, just like the first Accutrons, and would have the "B0" date code - as mine does.

Even for a collector of mechanical and Accutron watches, I think a Precisionist is a neat addition as it represents the next level of advancement beyond the Accutron, Accuquartz and quartz movements. My Precisionist won't make the + or - 10 secs/year as it already has gained about 5 seconds in a couple months.

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...on your good taste and watch acumen. I have the Champlain and plan to acquire others in due course. In my view percisionist is the next generation quartz, getting in on ground floor.
It's a joy to watch that second hand every time I look at it. I hope he enjoys it.
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