How Well Does Ball Tritium Tube Lume Hold Up? Real World Experience?

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Tritium has a half life of 12.5 yrs +/-. Ball claims their tritium tubes have a useful lifetime of 25yrs. That's 2 half lives, so by 25 yrs they should only glow at 1/4 of their original intensity. Or do the tubes originally contain enough tritium to more than saturate the phosphor, so that even after 10-15 years of tritium decay they still glow at full intensity?

What is the real world experience? I'm new to Ball and have one 7 year old watch that is impressively bright, but wonder how it would compare to a new watch. If you have more than one Ball watch, how does the intensity of the tritium tubes in your newest watch compare to the intensity of your oldest watch? What's the age difference between them?

Thanks for responding.
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I don't know. I've never seen a lume shot of a 7-year old Ball.
My Fireman I is probably in that age range.
.......................................:thumbup1: Thanks!
First, let's not compare apples to oranges. With Ball, you're talking about gaseous Tritium; with Rollie, TagH and Citizen it's SuperLuminova.
And until the whole story is known, I see it as being unfair to condemn an entire watch company for a relatively isolated incident. While I haven't looked very thoroughly, yours if the first complaint I've heard of having to do with too-dim gas tubes. This, however, IS a serious matter and I am interested in hearing what Ball will have to say about it. Especially as my own Ball is now about to pass the 3-year old mark!
(BTW... when the watch is registered with BallUSA they extend the warranty for a 3rd year.)
Without a lab and test equipment it's not easy to present better apparent visual results. I'd like to personally thank you for sharing this with us!
I totally agree. I'd give up my telescope for an Aviator Dual Time! :lol: :001_tt2: :laugh:
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