How the watch's values are appriciated by the publics?

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I see lots of unknown watch brands while surfing on internet, and find out some brands cost the same as Rolex's, and some costing less though with plus functionality like chronograph and GMT. Typical example is Frederique constant's worldtimer, i am selling blue dial's on this website, is sold for half the price to omega's worldtimer watch, and i've got surprised finding out the Frederique's movement complexity it has to Omega's worldtimer. The buyer really do not know what's actually inside of the watch, how was it made, besides seeing the outside and just do expecting the quality through the reputation of the brand's name. Any tips you have for me to give when in appreciating the true value of the watch before making luxury purchase? Or any recommendation for watches and brands that worth compare to their price??
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I think that most buyers of watches in the categories you are referring to have a decent knowledge of the watch brands and what those brands bring to the table. Movement complexity is only part of what brings value to a watch. I'd suggest that name branding, desirability & reputation play a larger role along with things like materials used, design, appearance, quality etc that all add up to the perceived value of a watch.
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