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I'm new to posting in this forum, but I've been on it many times over the past few months. I'm having difficulty choosing a good starting point, and I'd like a little input. I'm aiming to keep the first around $1,000. So far, the biggest issue I'm having is one major variable always seems to be off when I find something I like.

For example, Steinhart, respectable movement, welcome case diameter, but too deep (14mm+) on most watches.

Squale, hold it in higher esteem than Steinhart (personal decision) but they're designs are a bit dull, except for the 1521 (of which I am a big fan), but I'm looking for something focused to general use rather a dive watch to start my collection.

Shinola (Titanium Chrono or Runwell), quartz movement is a turn-off. Design, case diameter and depth meet my requirements. Price is hard to justify for the movement provided.

Laco & Stowa, spectacular looking, and great build/ brand esteem, much of their automatic line is out of my price range or a bit too thick (Laco chrono ~15mm).

Nomos (Tangomat GMT), I know I shouldn't bee looking here for a starter, however, this helps illustrate my favorite design.

Magrette (Dual Time), I'm a bit put off by the Japanese movement as oppose to Swiss. Spectacular look with their newer dual time design though.

I'm looking for a general use watch with either a GMT complication or chrono, around 40-42mm, ideally with a height of 12mm or less, with respectable movement. I know it's a tall order, but I'm easy going I swear...! Joking, with the information above being very particular I hope someone who is as particular can lend a hand without writing me off as just nitpicking. I appreciate the help. :thumbup1:

P.S. - At the end of the day, I suppose I could always wait, save up, and just go after a NOMOS in the future. It's not an easy thing to do though, waiting...

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This is, indeed, a tall order. Be prepared to either wait like you said, or make concessions, or go vintage.

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Thanks Bill. I understand I'm asking a lot. I figure, with the breadth of knowledge on this forum something might come to mind that fits. Any recommendations come to mind if I'm willing to concede a bit? Also, where can I research vintage watches? I find myself questioning authenticity when I find anything vintage on chrono24.


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