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I am looking at a Muhle Glashutte Quadrant, Ref.No: M1-30-33-LB, 30 Jewels Automatik. It is claimed to be previously owned but never worn, to be in excellent condition, and originally purchased in 2012. I have found that the manufacturer's original list price to be US$3199 dollars.

I have reviewed how to determine the value of used watches at a reliable internet source which said:
1. Determine Retail List Price
2. Determine commonly applied discounts to this watch brand, and apply them.
3. Subtract 30% for watches in excellent condition, and 50%, or more, for those showing signs of wear.

By that formula I have come up with the following:
1. $3199
2. 25% X $3199 = $2399
3. 30% X $2399 = $1679
Thus, US$1679 being a fair market value for a previously owned Glashutte Quadrant, as described above, in excellent condition.

However, I do not know for sure if all of this is an accurate value for the described watch.

Therefore, my question that I am posting to the forum is: What should I safely pay for this watch, and what is the fair value of it?
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