How accurate should an automatic watch be?

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Well, after about one month of wearing my 3824 the watch seems to have settled down. Some of you might recall my whining about the inconsistent accuracy of my watch. Well after syncing my watch 5 days ago here are the results.
Day 1 Synced
Day 2 – 2
Day 3 - 0
Day 4 – 1
Day 5 – 2
Day 6 – 1
After 5 days of monitoring my watch I was amazed :blink: that it was only out by one second. My question to all of you is this, is it unusual for an automatic watch to be this accurate? From what I have read Rolex has an acceptable standard for time gained and lost of +6 – 4 seconds per day. Is this correct? If so I guess I would have to say that I am more than pleased with how well my watch settled down.
I am very happy that the 4473 I have coming in this week has the same movement; hopefully the results will be the same. Would this be dreaming in Technicolor?
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Unless they have been regulated, it's always a crapshoot. You got lucky with your watch since most Invictas aren't this accurate out of the box. My 8926 runs about a minute fast per day. Compare this to my Reserve Pro Diver that is running -1 second a day over a two week period, but it has a COSC movement.
A mechanical movement will never be as accurate a quartz. There are some many other factors that can effect the movement like, position, dust, needing service, and the list goes on.

But your watch is keep great time for a mechanical movement. :thumbup:
Congrats falcon. When I was wearing my LE Diamond Pro Diver, it was also very accurate. Remember, the SW200 movement is the one that Invicta uses on the Reserve COSC Pro Divers and while our watches are not COSC, they certainly are at or near COSC specs.:thumbup:
My experience tels me that there is no answer to this question.
COCS states that a certified chronometer fall between +6 and -4 secs/day.

I have had 2000 dollar watches that were +/- 15 secs per day and also have had 100 dollar watches that were nearly spot on.

I no longer obsess with accuracy as I once did-it just makes you crazy!!

Now if I really,really need accuracy over a period of days I wear quartz.

I still check my autos against one of my radio controlled watches but don't run out to the jeweler for regulation if my watch is 20 secs. off.

I have mellowed as a WIS!!:biggrin:
I'm with Foggy.

Plus, for some reason I'd rather have my autos running faster than slower.

My SMP runs at -2 and it drives me nuts. Meanwhile, one of my Hamiltons runs at +7...and I'm perfectly content. Go Figure.
I agree with Lonetime on running fast. Plus it helps from arriving anywhere late.
I want to thank all you guys for being so patient with a new automatic aficionado. I now have a whole new appreciation for them and if it wasn’t for WTF I would still be obsessing over the inconsistencies of these watches. Being so accustomed to the accuracy of my quartz watches I initially was expecting too much of my automatics but I am now really enjoying them. Your input on my posts and threads on this and other topics is very welcomed and appreciated. I think I can now say that this should conclude my ongoing queries regarding this topic. One more thing…I LOVE MY 3824 and can hardly wait for my 4473… Thanks again to Triton for the awesome deal!
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