hopefully, getting a Magnate today

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Hi all,

Just wanted to drop by for a few words. Might be getting a Ball Magnate today (white face). I've been thinking about this for quite sometime, and normally I am an Omega guy but I've really been impressed with the quality of Ball---I really don't know that much about watches other than craftmanship (I mean, I can tell if it's well made or not). Anyhow, am negotiating with the AD for a good discount and I'm just waiting for the call.

Thanks all!
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Thanks guys. I got the deal. Will be picking it up later! Haven't been this excited last watch.:001_smile:

Anyhow, I did try on several before settling on the Magnate, it really sits well on the wrist. Classy!

Will post pix soon.

Thank you! I do hope so.

first impressions!

Hi guys,

Finally got it. Actually my wife beat me to it, she knew I wanted it badly so she went ahead to the AD a couple of hours before me, and when I called the AD to let them know I was coming they played a joke that the watch was picked up by another customer. I was furious but they let me in on the joke in time...:001_tongue:

Great, great bezel, first of all. One of the 300m rated divers that has a very simple bezel. That's what really strikes me when I look at it. It makes the watch look very "regal" while maintaining the utility look, having the unique crown lock mechanism on the side.

I love the lume at night. I watched a concert after getting the watch and it was simply stunning. Not so much in the intensity of the lume but how it looked. Almost digital, orange colored arabic 12, 6, and 9, and nice green skeleton looking hands. In ambient light the blue markers and the Ball logo on the stem of the seconds hand make it very, very classy. My wife had the bracelet fitted after one of my Omegas, but it still needs a half-link reduction for a snug fit.

I wanted other models that had the guilloche (?) look but I could not resist the flushed bezel. Not blingy, just right. I like the fact that there is nothing written on it as a "Magnate" model, just the regular Engineer Hydrocarbon text (considering I'm an Engineer, I like it!).

Two things that I'll have to be a bit picky on. The cyclops kind of throws me off, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Second, I seem to be getting a small small rash on my wrist, on the edges of the bracelet. I think this is because the fit is a bit loose. I'll go have the half-link removed tomorrow.

Other than that, what can I say? It's really a BEAUTIFUL watch, and definitely not my last Ball. Simple, with presence, and very clean looking. I deliberately didn't look at the website until before I left for home today because I didn't want to be attracted by the marketing aspect of the site, but as I did read the description of the watch it really is a boardroom/work watch, I must've driven a bit over the speed limit just to get home to see the watch. Quality compared to Omega I would definitely rank it very, very close. (Very, very diplomatic...don't kill me guys...I love Omega very much).

Am thinking of certain strap combos...but thanks everyone for chiming in, I will try to post some pics in a few hours.

It's nice to be part of the Ball family.

Best regards
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some pics...

Scott, thanks for the compliments.

HB, I haven't been allergic thus far to my other watches, I'm not sure if the steel Ball uses is of a different grade but the rash has subsided. It was quite humid last night here so that *sometimes* happens with me and metals. Anyhow I took some pics just now. Apologizing for the quality as I am not really a photographer. Hope you like 'em, kindly comment if you can---

These are the best I can do. I really like this watch. Hard not to look at it. One of the most pleasing so far in quite a long time.

It's just hard to look at the date from certain angles, you really hard to look top view to see it.

Nice to be here though. Any other Magnate pics from owners?

Best Regards
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Hi cubicsquare, I very much like white-dialed watches too but while starting my small collection I opted for the black faced ones as I noticed most do the same. It wasn't until a good friend on the forum turned me on to white dials that I got into digging them. And yes the bezel was really the bulk of what made me decide on the Magnate. I really tried hard on the other models, especially with those having the added "day" complication but the smooth bezel just really won me over at the end of the day.

Hi bullosa, you can be sure of that! Thanks guys

Best Regards
This Ball has really got me hooked. Though looking at the catalog (and the nice packaging and manual that comes with the watch) I haven't quite decided what's next...oh well, that's still a long way off. Maybe Xmas time. Definitely a black dial this time. The Fireman series look really great.

Scott, one thing though I noticed (I'm not sure if others have) but in the catalog, the specs of the Magnate pertaining to the bezel are printed as "unidirectional." A typo perhaps? Regardless it is a very nice catalog with very clean and simple detailing of the history of Ball and it's very nice to know that their series names' were in honour of those who died in that train wreck. The Engineer, the Fireman...etc.

It's a very, very pleasing watch and I couldn't ask for more at this point (that's why I'm really really going to be avoiding AD's for a while:001_tongue:). I am betting that this would look great on a nice black strap.

Best Regards
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