hopefully, getting a Magnate today

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Hi all,

Just wanted to drop by for a few words. Might be getting a Ball Magnate today (white face). I've been thinking about this for quite sometime, and normally I am an Omega guy but I've really been impressed with the quality of Ball---I really don't know that much about watches other than craftmanship (I mean, I can tell if it's well made or not). Anyhow, am negotiating with the AD for a good discount and I'm just waiting for the call.

Thanks all!
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Congrats on the Magante glimmer! Can't wait to hear your first impressions and review! :thumbup1:
Finally got it. Actually my wife beat me to it, she knew I wanted it badly so she went ahead to the AD a couple of hours before me, and when I called the AD to let them know I was coming they played a joke that the watch was picked up by another customer. I was furious but they let me in on the joke in time...:001_tongue:
That is hilarious glimmer! I think my wife has been with me on every single watch purchase except my Seiko Orange Monster. I'd have a nervous breakdown if that prank happened to me. :D

I wanted other models that had the guilloche (?) look but I could not resist the flushed bezel. Not blingy, just right.
That is a good point that other Magnate lovers have expressed. I too prefer it over the current HC bezels with weak lume.

Second, I seem to be getting a small small rash on my wrist, on the edges of the bracelet. I think this is because the fit is a bit loose. I'll go have the half-link removed tomorrow.
Keep us informed. My WIS pal here at work has that same thing happen from his Seiko Monster bracelet. May not be the looseness but just a hyper-allergic reaction to metal. Surf the net and you will find strap variations that can help sensitive wrists.

ps. one strap I had on my Panny brought out a rash to me as well!

It's nice to be part of the Ball family.

Best regards

Great to have you around, kick back and enjoy! :thumbup1:
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